Migrants- Kalloni


Family Name: Yialas 
Name: Mihail
Year of Birth:      1938
Father's Name: Andonios (Kalloni) 
Mother's Name:   Asanoula Mariola (Kalloni)
Siblings:  Ignatios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1958
Sponsor:    Andonios Pappas (Kalloni) 
Children:  Andonios
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- Shops 



Above: My parents, Asanoula and Andonios. 

Above Riight: As high school students, with Athanasios Galinos.  

Above: Inside my father's kafeneio. L-R: Themistoklis Taktikos, Simeon Prasatakis, Panagiotis Hatzievlogimenos, my brother, Ignatios, and my father, Andonios. 


Above: Outiside my fahter's kafeneio. L-R: Grigorios Mantzouranis (old man), my father, Andonios, Anna Kridera, Sappho Athanasopoulou, and his aunts, Ourania (standing) and Marianthi.  

Above Right: Holbrook, NSW. At the rear of the Australia Cafe.